Vera Wang Spring 2016

Howdy Lovebirds! You may have been following (or perhaps lucky enough to have attended) The New York Bridal Market which started last week. One of the vast reasons of my love for the internet is the ability to catch photos, videos and previews, specifically on Instagram , of events to which I am not yet privy too. (that’d be my optimistic side prevailing!)

Vera Wang’s designer bridal gowns are synonymous with brides around the globe, and referenced in nearly any movie, or tv show depicting a wedding. You may have also noticed that #VeraWang was trending over the weekend, and with plenty of reason! Evidently Vera Wang’s Spring 2016 collection is garnering loads of attention, and here is why.

Shocked? So was I!

Let’s Rewind for a moment

From the queen of the ‘princess’ ball gown who gave us looks such as these:

And yes… that would be Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump (respectively) adorned in Vera Wang wedding gowns on their wedding days. I almost wondered for a moment if Vera Wang’s Spring 2016 collection was staring Pnina Tornai’s signature sheer corseted gowns in the face and saying ‘Oh yeahhhhh well Take THAT’! Highly unlikely as it may be, why would Vera Wang go so far left… I asked myself this for quite some time, shock value? Sex appeal? Marketing to a new generation? Who knows. I’m simply settling on the answer ‘because she can’  and so she did!

One of the truly magnificent things about being an artist, whether a writer, a painter, or the designer of high end bridal gowns; is the ability to re-create yourself. The ability to channel your emotions and inspirations into your work and put it out there for all the world to see and share.

So This Is Love Headquarters

So This Is Love Headquarters

Kudos to Vera Wang for taking such a bold step with her Spring 2016 Collection!

I’m just left wondering what the underlay options are…….


Chalkboard Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

I love watching trends, but when it comes to following trends I like to take from it and make it my own in some way, inspiration if you will! Enter: The Chalkboard. It is no secret that chalkboard anything is very en vogue right now. I have seen: chalkboard signs, invites, stickers, posters, and yes I have even spotted a chalkboard refrigerator. Who would have thought that something so elementary would be so popular!

I have very few wedding plans nailed down at the moment, and we are still in the pre-pre planning process. This is what we have come up with: A beach wedding…. That’s it, that’s all I have! Anything past that and my head starts to explode! I can’t even settle on a color palette, I find one I like, I think “yes this is it, this is definitely my palette” then I find three opposing that I fawn over with just as much excitement and enthusiasm and I’m back to square one, but I digress on the color palette for now. I have, for some reason though, been stuck on the idea of incorporating a chalkboard into our day. So with impending color palette doom you can imagine that I have also been unable to narrow down my chalkboard wedding ideas!

While I’m sure we will positively be having a bar & beverages of some sorts, after seeing a previous idea where a chalkboard was used to display the signature drink for a wedding I didn’t have to think anymore, fantastic idea!

Although…. I would 100% choose coffee over a cocktail any day so I felt this was perfect.

While we are on the subject of drinks, how many times have you attended any type of event and put your drink down only to later ask “this one was mine right”?!  Enter: The Chalkboard Drink Sticker.

This allows for some creativity and guest involvement. I love these for Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties and intimate Rehearsal Dinners.

I am also a big DIY addict for many reasons. I love being able to create and have fun with showing off my style while at the same time saving on our budget. With that in mind I am sure if we opt for favors I will be the person assembling and creating. Another chalkboard inspiration, the chalkboard favor tag! I especially love these tags.








How cute! Favor tags would also be another great way to throw in previously mentioned still undecided color palette.

Since the invention of Pinterest I am also an avid spray painter. I really enjoy spray painting old picture frames for a shabby chic look. Perhaps I can make my own chalkboard table numbers out of those frames, the ‘weathered’ appearance of the frames may just tie in perfectly with our beachy wedding.

Lastly, I also really like a “Welcome To Our Wedding” chalkboard sign. What a cute prop to greet your guests which can also transition into your menu once your ceremony is over!

What are some of your favorite chalkboard trends?