Valentine’s Day Wedding Gown

Happy (almost over) Monday Lovebirds! Valentines day is at the end of the week and I can just smell the red roses and taste the conversation hearts now!

Last week I talked about being inspired from the previews of Paris Fashion Week, which led me to the decision of writing about one dress pick per week for the month of February.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, without a doubt, the color red comes to mind. I’m sure that has to do with my past employment history at the party supply store… hours and hours of Valentine’s Day would be spent incessantly blowing up red foil heart balloons. Yes, exactly what a single girl in her twenties dreams of!

Red balloons, red roses, red candles, red heart chocolate boxes… Red, red, RED!

It would only be fitting that this week’s Valentine’s Day dress pick would be a red gown. In the words of Anthony Marentino “….you want wedding, you go Wang…..” 

The structured one shoulder ‘Kirsten’ is from the Vera Wang Bridal Collection Spring 2013. I am loving the back view of this gown, the structured silhouette mimics that of a rose. GORGEOUS!! I see this paired with an all white rose bouquet. How beautiful would those pure white roses look against the rich color of this gown?!

CNN Reports an average of 6 million people expect or are planning a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day! My Sweets proposed to me last year on February 15th (we had to break with convention) on the same beach which we met, and hope to be married on in the future, that to me is pure romance.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day Lovebirds? Any special plans with your sweetie?

Easy Bridal Head-Wear

I have always admired head wear; I have always admired head wear from afar. In my ‘tween’ years I wanted desperately for a 90’s floppy flower hat, you know the crushed velvet ones? Frequently worn

by the character ‘Blossom’ and later adorned by Cher in Clueless for about a millisecond… *Ahem* yep, that hat! I think I made it through one class before carrying it for the rest of the day; it just didn’t work for me (surprise surprise).

A decade later the handkerchief headband came on the scene, followed by the bandana headband. Girls were twisting their hair into all sorts of creative dos’ to show them off and I, still humbled by my tween years ‘Blossom’ incident, didn’t even attempt to pretend to know where to begin.

Present day, glitz, bling and lacy wide headbands are popping up in bridal and everyday wear, which I am drawn to like a moth to the flame. I suffocated the voice of my inner tween and purchased a band at Arden B. A thin black satin band with a nice chunk of bling on one side, ala Gatsby style. I love it. I sometimes question whether it is age appropriate but I throw all caution to the wind and wear it anyway!

I ooh and ahh over designers head wear and sometimes even dream up scenarios where it would be acceptable to wear in everyday/bridal life.

One brand that can easily transition is Pink Pewter. You’ve probably seen Pink Pewter in boutiques, invading Pinterest and adorned by the likes of Carrie Underwood!

While not exactly touted as a bridal brand I can easily see Pink Pewter on ‘Pop-Up’ brides, at bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Boutiques will even demonstrate the best way’s you can wear your Pink Pewter bands (where were these ladies in the early 90’s?!)

My local boutique will be getting a visit by me; as soon as my inner Tween allows!

December’s Dress Pick(s) of The Month

I love December! I love December even more now that I live in South Florida and I no longer have to prepare for a long, cold, snowy, wet winter! December is where it’s at on the calendar. Holiday celebrations are in full swing and the New Year is just around the corner; it’s a time for celebrations and reflection. With that in mind December was the perfect month for a double dress feature!!

I have wanted to feature the first gown since it’s very inspiration was flooding the ‘net months ago, and all we had to go by was a sneak peak of a sketch. I am also a huge Disney fan!, living only three hours from Orlando only helps to fuel my love for all things Disney. I have been waiting for the exact moment to run a feature on this gown, so without further adieu….. The Alfredo Angelo ‘Frozen’ inspired Wedding gown……

Of course your “Winter Wonderland Disney Dream” would only be complete with matching faux fur shrug and my all time favorite wedding shoe pick, Manolo Blanhnik’s ‘Something Blue’ Hangisi.

In keeping with the “Winter Wonderland ‘Frozen'” theme; my second gown pick is just enough blue to invoke the feel of icicles with enough flounce to make a bride look romantic on her wedding day.

This unique pale blue beauty is a gown by designer Renato Savi Couture. I also had my eye on another gown by the same designer but felt the blue hue really tied together our Winter Wonderland theme for this months pick!!!

What do you think about our double dress feature? Could you ever wear a blue gown for your big day? I would love to hear your thoughts Lovebirds, sound off in the comments below!!

November’s Wedding Dress Pick of The Month

Happy Holidays Lovebirds!!! By now you are probably overstuffed and over shopped. I can’t say that I’ve yet braved the “Black Friday” storm (although it seems to be my intention every year), I’m more of a cyber Monday kind of gal! I’ve also been enjoying the previews of what was Bridal Fashion week, via the inter webs. I found myself double clicking like a mad woman over on my Instagram,  of which I am still a novice user. One of the designers I was absolutely ga-ga over was Elie Saab! I cannot even begin to describe the overly ornate, gorgeous, fit-for-a-princess, gold inspired gowns I have feasted my eyes upon. I knew it was, without a doubt, a perfect fit for November’s Dress Pick of The Month.

The Gilded Inspiration reminds me of touring the Newport Mansions as a child and imagining what life would have been like as a socialite in the Gilded Age: debutant parties, summer homes and steel magnates. A gown fit for Rose Dewitt Bukater!

Whether it be falling leaves or falling snow, this sheer long-sleeved beauty is fit for a late fall, or winter bride. I can picture the back of this gown being fluffed by white gloves just before the bride and groom are announced into the Grand Ballroom at the start of their reception.

So now that I’ve brought you November’s Dress Pick of The Month, just under the wire, don’t forget to subscribe so you can catch December’s Dress Pick of The Month, which is sure to be a magical experience.

Did any of my Lovebirds out there follow Bridal Fashion Week, or were you even lucky enough to attend? I would love to hear about what designs & designers you are currently following on Instagram!


September’s Wedding Dress Pick of the Month

Fall is upon us… well fall is upon those of us not living in Southern Florida; where summer is in full swing for …. well forever. I miss the fall weather and the turning of the leaves that we witnessed living in New England, but I’ll save you all from my reminiscence. It’s time for my wedding dress pick of the month, September edition… where did August go?!

I have searched the far corners of Pinterest the earth to find a wedding dress worthy of this months pick!

If you have not previously seen this Hailey Paige wedding dress as of yet, then you have never been on Pinterest because it is everywhere! When ever I see this dress I always imagine it with a pair of old school Chuck Taylor’s’ (Chucks!). The combination of the striping along with the flouncy layers says “Yes I want a traditional dress, but I am a fun bride”. I will not use the term “off beat bride” because frankly I have no use for that term…. what would an on-beat bride be anywho?!

I also envision this open faced (no veil), with a fascinator, or a birdcage veil, how fun would that be?!

What are your thoughts on this months pick?

So I paid $9.99 for a Bridal Magazine

EEK! $9.99 is definitely not in any budget of mine, perhaps I can write it off as a business expense? Allow me back-track for a moment! A couple of days ago on Instagram (which I am still learning how to become relevant on) I saw a picture of it, in all it’s glory… “The Knot – Fall 2014” the mother load of all bridal mags, the Bridal version of the “September Issue”, it is HUGE, literally and figuratively! My lust to own this giant was immediate and my purchase was imminent, although I will admit that I had pre-buyers remorse over the price tag, but I went to my local drug-store and this beauty is now mine, all mine!



It’s gorgeous right?! I can safely say that my dollars were well spent, as this edition did not disappoint. Let me try and break it down for you as best as my non-compartmentalized bride-brain can! My first thought was to go through and, as I was reading, bookmark each item that stood out to me with Post-it flags.

The Knot - Fall Issue 2014

The Knot – Fall Issue 2014

This is only at the half-way point! So a couple of mistakes I made here:

1) I used the same color flags for everything

2) I liked everything

3) I spent multiple days pouring over it, instead of one straight session

I decided to go back and really pare down the things I wanted to talk about, and also create color coordinated flags so that I wouldn’t be jumping from page to page aimlessly while I was sharing my thoughts with all of you!

Here is what I ended up with:

The Knot – Fall Issue 2014

Much more manageable! So I ended up breaking it down into three categories: Dresses, Wedding Style and Articles/Features.



What a better way to start than dresses! If you are still looking for a dress, or, are having a hard time selecting a gown to go-along with your gorgeous figure (whatever that may be) there is a great short read,”Wedding Gown 101” on pg. 332 that very simply breaks down gowns by silhouette and briefly speaks of how they fit and what figures they compliment best. It echoes This Pin from Pinterest
There is also a “Wedding Party 101” on pg. 448 for your Groom & Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, and Ring Bearers.

Colored dresses are taking off! “40+, The number of Blush Dresses spotted on the Spring 2015 Bridal Runways” pg.180. The colored dress trend is evident again in the Alfredo Angelo gown featured on pg. 99, black bodice with heavy beading embellishment, empire waisted with black band, and the bottom is all tradition with a full tulle ball gown finish.

Another big trend in gowns, is the ‘Naked Lace’ trend, referenced on pg. 102 with gown pics from designers: Rivini, Inbal Dror, Carolina Herrera, Reem Acra, and Lela Rose. I have seen  ‘Naked Lace’ gowns all over various online outlets and it can be rather sexy while still maintaining a tasteful and gorgeous look, for me however, I have been dreaming of a blush gown!

Designers that caught my eye the most were Allure Bridals as well as their line Allure Couture, pgs. 336-339. I also really loved (and until now had never recently heard of) Val Stefani, pgs. 440-441. Stefani designs has a strong point of view with heavy beading and hair pieces that echo that ‘Gatsby’ feel that I love so much! For bridesmaids, I have also found, and now love, Impression Bridesmaids, pg. 464, very chic and sexy and can almost assuredly be worn again!


Wedding Style

The Knot did not disappoint with several different perspectives on Wedding Style. We start off big with an introduction on Jes Gordon, a wedding stylist who styled the “Rock & Roll Chic” wedding which is featured on pg. 220. The colors are lush and beyond amazing with a palette of black and blue. She also adds small pops of bright green and soft pastels. I love love LOVE the blue wallpaper with black damask and blue shutters laid against the wall paper, really cool and edgy!

There is a feature on color palettes, pg. 216, “5 no-fail color combos“, they are: Black & Eggplant, Copper & Persimmon, Acid Green & Turquoise, Pistachio & Coral, and finally Lilac & Dusty Blue. There is also “Get the Island Romance Look” on pg. 270 if you are looking for some inspiration on how to pull of an all white palette in a very romantic way.

If you are loving the ever-so-now Rustic theme, there is a wedding featured on pgs. 288-292 “Refined Rustic“. I know rustic anything is big right now, especially if it includes burlap, mason jars, and barnyards, but I have to admit I am not a fan. I will say that this wedding included NONE of those things! This wedding was very tastefully done (my favorite were the table-scapes) so if you are looking for some rustic inspiration, please (i’m begging) ditch the burlap and take a cue from this lovely couple!

Finally, we have “10 Crazy different Wedding Venues” pgs. 306-312 which include, The Iolani palace in Honolulu, Hawaii (the number 8 slot), The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (number 3, equipped with indoor carousel) and the most outrageous one, A Grand Canyon Helicopter package in Las Vegas, Nevada (number 4) where the helicopter lands the happy couple and two guests on the rim of Grand Canyon for sunset nuptials, sounds very romantic and also very scary!


If you are in the very beginning stages of planning, are a DIY bride or have not yet found a wedding planner, you will want to rip out pages 82, 84, and 86, literally. It is a “Wedding Time Line Checklist” that breaks it down for you from 12+ months out all the way to the day after your wedding, I will be keeping my post-it flags in place for that one!

Freaking out over some details or things that you hadn’t anticipated? Check out pg. 162’s “You’re not allowed to freak out if..” very handy, especially for the type A brides out there (you know who you are).

Page 184’s “10 Things Every Bride Should Have” is a great scope of both physical objects and inanimate objects to help keep things in perspective for you, bonus, it’s from the view point of designer Reem Acra. I am fond of her number 1 slot “Love all Around You”…awwwww…………

Registry time! How fun are registry’s ?! Pg. 202’s “7 Things On Everyone’s Registry” highlights just that. Number one slot goes to……drumroll…… Frying Pans?! Hmmm.. learn something new everyday! Number 7 is a coffee maker, I think that would edge out frying pans on my registry any day!

Lastly, and one of my favorites, pgs. 246-248 “The New Wedding Rules“, 1) You Don’t Have to Wear White (yay!) 9)You Don’t Have to Wear a Traditional Diamond, 10) You Don’t Have to Cover Your Tattoo (more on that from my personal view-point at a later date and time)

So there you have it Love Birds! What are your thoughts? Do you plan on picking up a copy or have you done so already?






***All opinions and views expressed are solely that of So This Is Love. So This Is Love was in no way compensated for views expressed and is in no way affiliated with “The Knot”***

Something Blue Just for You

As the old adage goes: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, … Something Blue! I have often found that the old, new & borrowed are usually bestowed upon the bride in various pre wedding events & activities, leaving Something Blue out in the cold, no pun intended. Fun fact: Did you know that the brides ‘Something Blue’ is to represent purity, love, and fidelity?! We wouldn’t want to forget that, so I went in search of ways to add that Something Blue to your special day. But who can pick just one shade?!


Sound off:

What is your favorite shade of blue? Will you be adding your own Something Blue to your big day?