February’s Wedding Dress Pick – The Final Cut

Did you catch the Oscar’s over the weekend Love Birds? I have to say my absolute favorite gown of the evening was Lupita Nyong’o’s.. how flawless does she look in everything?! I can’t even fathom how long it took to get those pearls on her dress; AH-mazing! I, sadly, lost the battle of TV in our house last night, it was me versus two main contender’s so all of my Oscar’s catch-up was done via Instagram, FaceBook & Yahoo.

This week wraps up our final pick for the month of February, from a designer known for down-to-there low back gown’s, Galia Lahav

The bead work on Lupita’s dress inspired me to choose a gown with just as much attention to detail. From the Galia Lahav ‘Tales of The Jazz Age’ collection, I give you the Katharina, complete with silver glass beads and a back cut so low your mother-in-law is sure to faint! I love the patterning of the bead work on the back of this gown coupled with the sheer train, it really completes that 1920’s jazz age feeling.

This gown would be perfectly completed by an up-do with an oversize flower.

If you really wanted to throw all decadence to the wind, and commit to the jazz age look, you can add a few strands of long, knotted pearl necklaces, you know, just because!

And of course, your look wouldn’t be complete with any shoe other than a T-Strap!!

I’m always a sucker for a T-Strap, it must be from my former life as a tap-dancer!!

I am curious to weigh in on the great debate of wearing a sexy gown for your wedding day, what do you think Love Birds? Yay or Nay?

February’s Wedding Dress Pick – Third Edition

It’s time for this week’s dress pick Love Birds! Truth be told, I wanted to bring this dress pick to you last night but had a massive headache (ugh!) that I could not push through, but I’m back in action now!!

I had this week’s pick cataloged. I’ve seen this dress a few times in passing and knew I was going to feature it ; ) This dress speaks to 1950’s simplistic glamour, but the designer’s name is note worthy as well; this week’s pick comes to you from: House of Mooshki

House of Mooshki touts their line of tea-length gowns as well as bespoke tea-length gowns, all of which are vintage inspired. They even have a non-tea length wedding gown called ‘Jacqueline’, it’s not hard to guess where the inspiration was drawn from for that dress!!

I was originally going to wait for Spring to feature a tea-length wedding dress, heck it’s ‘Spring’ here in South Florida and all the New Englander’s are wishing for Spring, so why not?! I love the feel of this dress, it transports me to an era of Pompadours and Pink Ladies. There is a simplistic no-fuss type of elegance to a tea-length dress that cannot be attained with a full ball gown. My favorite way to complete this look… shoes!! A tea-length dress is one you can most certainly go shoe-crazy with as they won’t be hidden under a full skirt. I also love the idea of pairing a tea-length dress with a bird cage veil. If you’re a DIY bride I’m sure a simplistic bird cage veil would be easy enough to whip up!

Traditionally tea-length dresses are paired with day time affairs, so be sure to keep that in mind if you’re leaning towards this length for your wedding.

Have you tried on a tea-length gown in your search for the perfect dress?

Toni Jade Photography

Howdy Lovebirds! I wasn’t kidding when I said the inspiration for this month’s posts are hiding out in every corner. It must be Valentine’s Day which is now just three days away and counting!! A great source of wedding inspiration is always an artistic photographer. Isn’t it amazing to look back on a photograph through the eyes of an artist? It adds a whole new layer of perspective.

I am humbled to feature South Florida Photographer, Toni Jade, on today’s post. Her perspective is amazing and her bio will knock your socks off!!

Originally hailing from South Africa, Toni Jade’s resume iboasts being selected as the official photographer for Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday celebration and further going on to be the official photographer for Nandi Mandela’s wedding!

Toni Jade then crossed the pond with her camera in tow, to take on New York City

Now we have the distinct pleasure of her talents here in South Florida!

There is much adieu about wedding photography; every bride and groom want their treasured love story, frozen in time, to share with their children and grandchildren. Toni Jade is far from a ‘show up and shoot’ photographer, she invests the time to learn each of her couples experiences so that she can capture that perfect moment on their special day, to hold onto for a lifetime.

If you are in need of a photographer for your South Florida Wedding or event, check out her amazing artistry at ToniJade.com I think I must have clicked through every single one of her pictures! I have a special place in my heart for beach weddings but the shots taken amongst New York City and her Trash The Dress sessions really won me over.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Gown

Happy (almost over) Monday Lovebirds! Valentines day is at the end of the week and I can just smell the red roses and taste the conversation hearts now!

Last week I talked about being inspired from the previews of Paris Fashion Week, which led me to the decision of writing about one dress pick per week for the month of February.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, without a doubt, the color red comes to mind. I’m sure that has to do with my past employment history at the party supply store… hours and hours of Valentine’s Day would be spent incessantly blowing up red foil heart balloons. Yes, exactly what a single girl in her twenties dreams of!

Red balloons, red roses, red candles, red heart chocolate boxes… Red, red, RED!

It would only be fitting that this week’s Valentine’s Day dress pick would be a red gown. In the words of Anthony Marentino “….you want wedding, you go Wang…..” 

The structured one shoulder ‘Kirsten’ is from the Vera Wang Bridal Collection Spring 2013. I am loving the back view of this gown, the structured silhouette mimics that of a rose. GORGEOUS!! I see this paired with an all white rose bouquet. How beautiful would those pure white roses look against the rich color of this gown?!

CNN Reports an average of 6 million people expect or are planning a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day! My Sweets proposed to me last year on February 15th (we had to break with convention) on the same beach which we met, and hope to be married on in the future, that to me is pure romance.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day Lovebirds? Any special plans with your sweetie?

February’s Wedding Dress Pick of The Month

Happy February Lovebirds!! It’s engagement season and Valentines Day is just around the corner, Love is in the air!

As for me, I am quite exhausted, I just hopped off my private jet after arriving home from Paris Fashion Week and unpacked my custom Hermes Bag…… bwahahaha! Totally joking! Although Instagram has definitely run a close second, (or as close as I’ll ever be to Paris Fashion Week) and the gowns shown were jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Multiple designers echoed Bridal Inspiration throughout their shows. I cannot stop double clicking, it’s addicting! So a couple of things came to mind:

  • February is a month for love & romance
  • Paris Fashion Week left me feeling inspired, and unable to choose one dress for the month of February
  • I always look forward to writing and selecting my dress pick of the month


I have decided to run one dress pick per week for the month of February, WoooooHooooo!!!!

This exquisite beauty is kicking off February’s Dress Pick(s) of The Month

The gentle subtle hues and astonishing bead-work are inconceivably gorgeous! This is the first time I have featured a designer twice, see this post , but there was no denying this Elie Saab to kick off February. Can you even imagine how this gown must have moved coming down the run-way at the end of the Elie Saab show at Paris Fashion Week? *Audible Gasp* I’m guessing by all of the onlookers in the background holding up various devices to snap photos with, that it was exactly as I’ve imagined it to be.

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Have you been inspired by Paris Fashion Week? Sound off in the comments below!


Easy Bridal Head-Wear

I have always admired head wear; I have always admired head wear from afar. In my ‘tween’ years I wanted desperately for a 90’s floppy flower hat, you know the crushed velvet ones? Frequently worn

by the character ‘Blossom’ and later adorned by Cher in Clueless for about a millisecond… *Ahem* yep, that hat! I think I made it through one class before carrying it for the rest of the day; it just didn’t work for me (surprise surprise).

A decade later the handkerchief headband came on the scene, followed by the bandana headband. Girls were twisting their hair into all sorts of creative dos’ to show them off and I, still humbled by my tween years ‘Blossom’ incident, didn’t even attempt to pretend to know where to begin.

Present day, glitz, bling and lacy wide headbands are popping up in bridal and everyday wear, which I am drawn to like a moth to the flame. I suffocated the voice of my inner tween and purchased a band at Arden B. A thin black satin band with a nice chunk of bling on one side, ala Gatsby style. I love it. I sometimes question whether it is age appropriate but I throw all caution to the wind and wear it anyway!

I ooh and ahh over designers head wear and sometimes even dream up scenarios where it would be acceptable to wear in everyday/bridal life.

One brand that can easily transition is Pink Pewter. You’ve probably seen Pink Pewter in boutiques, invading Pinterest and adorned by the likes of Carrie Underwood!

While not exactly touted as a bridal brand I can easily see Pink Pewter on ‘Pop-Up’ brides, at bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Boutiques will even demonstrate the best way’s you can wear your Pink Pewter bands (where were these ladies in the early 90’s?!)

My local boutique will be getting a visit by me; as soon as my inner Tween allows!

January’s Dress Pick of The Month

I’d like to say that this year has started out with a bang… However this year started out without me; as I was cozily tucked away in bed by 10:00! I’m hoping that does not hold any indication as to what the rest of 2015 will bring.

Which brings me to my next point,  I was short on inspiration for January’s Wedding Dress Pick of The Month. I felt that I was gazing at an endless stream of cookie cutter dresses, on auto pilot, clicking, one after another: click, click, click, click….. Nothing was really grabbing me, sure there are plenty of notable designers but I just was not feeling that ‘Wow’ factor I need for January’s Wedding Dress Pick. I’m usually never in short supply for a monthly dress pick, but somehow January was proving dutiful. I was ready to throw in the proverbial towel but my determination grabbed a hold of me until my dutiful clicks turned to delight. My inspiration for January’s Wedding Dress Pick was renewed and I was now whittling down options from this designers ‘Black and White Collection’. Loved It! I stumbled upon this designer… well suffice it say I don’t remember how, but Atelier Aimee reached out and grabbed me!

I was immediately drawn to the black accessories and only later noticed the corset style jeweled bodice. I picture this bride running off to her Jet-Set Elopement with her Groom, totally smitten in love, no bouquet, just her cool calm attitude and unique sense of Bridal Fashion in tow. Maybe even jetting off to Paris… Ok I’m getting swept away in the fantasy, never hurts to dream right?!





















I have to know: What do you think about Eloping, Lovebirds? Could you pull it off for your own wedding?