Easy Bridal Head-Wear

I have always admired head wear; I have always admired head wear from afar. In my ‘tween’ years I wanted desperately for a 90’s floppy flower hat, you know the crushed velvet ones? Frequently worn

by the character ‘Blossom’ and later adorned by Cher in Clueless for about a millisecond… *Ahem* yep, that hat! I think I made it through one class before carrying it for the rest of the day; it just didn’t work for me (surprise surprise).

A decade later the handkerchief headband came on the scene, followed by the bandana headband. Girls were twisting their hair into all sorts of creative dos’ to show them off and I, still humbled by my tween years ‘Blossom’ incident, didn’t even attempt to pretend to know where to begin.

Present day, glitz, bling and lacy wide headbands are popping up in bridal and everyday wear, which I am drawn to like a moth to the flame. I suffocated the voice of my inner tween and purchased a band at Arden B. A thin black satin band with a nice chunk of bling on one side, ala Gatsby style. I love it. I sometimes question whether it is age appropriate but I throw all caution to the wind and wear it anyway!

I ooh and ahh over designers head wear and sometimes even dream up scenarios where it would be acceptable to wear in everyday/bridal life.

One brand that can easily transition is Pink Pewter. You’ve probably seen Pink Pewter in boutiques, invading Pinterest and adorned by the likes of Carrie Underwood!

While not exactly touted as a bridal brand I can easily see Pink Pewter on ‘Pop-Up’ brides, at bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Boutiques will even demonstrate the best way’s you can wear your Pink Pewter bands (where were these ladies in the early 90’s?!)

My local boutique will be getting a visit by me; as soon as my inner Tween allows!

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