Say I Do to Your Curves

 Today’s guest blogger is Lei-Loni from Fashion blog Clothe Your Curves. Her blog focus on body positivity, while sharing her own personal style through her frequent outfit posting. I asked her to share her thoughts on loving/dressing yourself for your big day.


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Hey Ladies,

Congrats! You met the guy, he popped the question, and you said, “yes”! Now what? Among the many on your wedding to-do list, it’s time to find your dress! Whether you’re a size 0 or 32, finding “the perfect dress” can be overwhelming. I’m a strong believer that the dress should fit your body, and not getting your body to fit your dress. Dresses are cut for all shapes, styles, and sizes. Don’t forget the super powers of a good tailor! Clothes off the rack aren’t made perfectly for every body, so why would it be any different your wedding dress? Invest in the fit!

Along with tips on how to minimize the stress of shopping? Check out these gorgeous gowns and dresses all available in straight and plus sizes!
Tip 1: The size label in the dress is not your enemy! It’s just a number and yes, it probably will be higher than your normal dress size. Breath, it will be ok!


Tip 2: It’s fun to take your friends/family with you to try on dresses, but remember your opinion counts most! You know your body and how you want to look on your day.

Image via

Image via

Tip 3: Be open to trying different dress silhouettes. You may have an inspiration board full of princess ball gowns, but you may leave the store a mermaid!


image via Cherry Blossom Bridal

Tip 4: Your dress should reflect your personality as well as your theme. If you love bling and pink, rock it! If your whimsical, bring on the fairy wings and pixie dust! Ok, I’m not sure about that last one, but you get the point.

Image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Tip 5: Now this one is very clique. Don’t stress. I hope I’m not the first to tell you this, not everything will be “perfect”, but remember it’s not going to be the end of world if the small details get left out (e.g. tiny ribbons on gift boxes) Remember the big picture, you’re marrying the love of your life, you’ll be wearing an awesome dress, and you get to eat cake!

Image via photo credit: Sam Hurd Photography

Image via
photo credit: Sam Hurd Photography

Happy wedding season and all the best with your curvy I-do’s!


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