January’s Dress Pick of The Month

I’d like to say that this year has started out with a bang… However this year started out without me; as I was cozily tucked away in bed by 10:00! I’m hoping that does not hold any indication as to what the rest of 2015 will bring.

Which brings me to my next point,  I was short on inspiration for January’s Wedding Dress Pick of The Month. I felt that I was gazing at an endless stream of cookie cutter dresses, on auto pilot, clicking, one after another: click, click, click, click….. Nothing was really grabbing me, sure there are plenty of notable designers but I just was not feeling that ‘Wow’ factor I need for January’s Wedding Dress Pick. I’m usually never in short supply for a monthly dress pick, but somehow January was proving dutiful. I was ready to throw in the proverbial towel but my determination grabbed a hold of me until my dutiful clicks turned to delight. My inspiration for January’s Wedding Dress Pick was renewed and I was now whittling down options from this designers ‘Black and White Collection’. Loved It! I stumbled upon this designer… well suffice it say I don’t remember how, but Atelier Aimee reached out and grabbed me!

I was immediately drawn to the black accessories and only later noticed the corset style jeweled bodice. I picture this bride running off to her Jet-Set Elopement with her Groom, totally smitten in love, no bouquet, just her cool calm attitude and unique sense of Bridal Fashion in tow. Maybe even jetting off to Paris… Ok I’m getting swept away in the fantasy, never hurts to dream right?!





















I have to know: What do you think about Eloping, Lovebirds? Could you pull it off for your own wedding?

11 thoughts on “January’s Dress Pick of The Month

  1. The dress is very beautiful – glitz & elegance all in one! As far as elopement – not for me – I come from a VERY close family & could never get married without them there!


  2. That is such a gorgeous dress. I totally love the beaded corset and the black accessories gives it the final touch that makes it so beautiful. I have never really thought about eloping because I would want to share my special moment with them.


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