December’s Dress Pick(s) of The Month

I love December! I love December even more now that I live in South Florida and I no longer have to prepare for a long, cold, snowy, wet winter! December is where it’s at on the calendar. Holiday celebrations are in full swing and the New Year is just around the corner; it’s a time for celebrations and reflection. With that in mind December was the perfect month for a double dress feature!!

I have wanted to feature the first gown since it’s very inspiration was flooding the ‘net months ago, and all we had to go by was a sneak peak of a sketch. I am also a huge Disney fan!, living only three hours from Orlando only helps to fuel my love for all things Disney. I have been waiting for the exact moment to run a feature on this gown, so without further adieu….. The Alfredo Angelo ‘Frozen’ inspired Wedding gown……

Of course your “Winter Wonderland Disney Dream” would only be complete with matching faux fur shrug and my all time favorite wedding shoe pick, Manolo Blanhnik’s ‘Something Blue’ Hangisi.

In keeping with the “Winter Wonderland ‘Frozen'” theme; my second gown pick is just enough blue to invoke the feel of icicles with enough flounce to make a bride look romantic on her wedding day.

This unique pale blue beauty is a gown by designer Renato Savi Couture. I also had my eye on another gown by the same designer but felt the blue hue really tied together our Winter Wonderland theme for this months pick!!!

What do you think about our double dress feature? Could you ever wear a blue gown for your big day? I would love to hear your thoughts Lovebirds, sound off in the comments below!!

5 thoughts on “December’s Dress Pick(s) of The Month

  1. I actually really love the pale blue dress…although I still could never wear a colored dress for my own wedding! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shrug & the Manolo’s – a good friend of mine had those same Manolo’s for her wedding 5 years ago – I still drool over them!


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