November’s Wedding Dress Pick of The Month

Happy Holidays Lovebirds!!! By now you are probably overstuffed and over shopped. I can’t say that I’ve yet braved the “Black Friday” storm (although it seems to be my intention every year), I’m more of a cyber Monday kind of gal! I’ve also been enjoying the previews of what was Bridal Fashion week, via the inter webs. I found myself double clicking like a mad woman over on my Instagram,  of which I am still a novice user. One of the designers I was absolutely ga-ga over was Elie Saab! I cannot even begin to describe the overly ornate, gorgeous, fit-for-a-princess, gold inspired gowns I have feasted my eyes upon. I knew it was, without a doubt, a perfect fit for November’s Dress Pick of The Month.

The Gilded Inspiration reminds me of touring the Newport Mansions as a child and imagining what life would have been like as a socialite in the Gilded Age: debutant parties, summer homes and steel magnates. A gown fit for Rose Dewitt Bukater!

Whether it be falling leaves or falling snow, this sheer long-sleeved beauty is fit for a late fall, or winter bride. I can picture the back of this gown being fluffed by white gloves just before the bride and groom are announced into the Grand Ballroom at the start of their reception.

So now that I’ve brought you November’s Dress Pick of The Month, just under the wire, don’t forget to subscribe so you can catch December’s Dress Pick of The Month, which is sure to be a magical experience.

Did any of my Lovebirds out there follow Bridal Fashion Week, or were you even lucky enough to attend? I would love to hear about what designs & designers you are currently following on Instagram!


17 thoughts on “November’s Wedding Dress Pick of The Month

  1. I attended New York Bridal Fashion Week!
    Thank you for posting one of your FAVS as well!

    I loved so many but one of my favorite designers was Carol Hannah ( the fashion show was amazing) check my out via @sweetestthingevents @bridalstyleblog for more on Bridal Fashion week!

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  2. I do love gold dresses! Im not a fan of the upper part of the dress, – I think something a little more open by the neckline would have been more my taste – but the gown is very lovely! The mansion is just simply beautiful & stunning!


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