Should I buy a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

I never knew such a thing as purchasing, or even renting a pre-owned wedding dress existed until she bought one on reality TV There is now a whole genre of ladies purchasing pre-owned dresses on the ‘net! Some are re-selling their dresses in Face Book groups, on Craigslist ads and through a slew of other sites that serve as a middle man between the buyer and seller. Yes, for whatever reason, purchasing pre-owned wedding dresses is now a thing. I question why it’s a thing… are brides trying to re-coupe their wedding expenses from potentially going over budget in haste of planning? Would they rather gain on their dress as opposed to loosing more to foot the bill on gown preservation or coordinating a “Trash The Dress Session”? Is hanging your dress in the closet until it is ready to pass down to the next generation a tradition of days past? I mean, there is an entire show on TLC based on re-purposing granny’s old gown for your big day.  Please tell me the bride and her beloved have not parted ways and she no longer wishes to hold on to her gown as a stale reminder of a marriage gone bad! Wouldn’t it be bad juju to purchase and re-wear that gown, yikes, they should come with a disclaimer! I wouldn’t want that karma on my big day! Whatever the reason may be, I went on a hunt to see what I could find.

I am still “just browsing” but I have an idea of my size (I have heard that your gown will most likely be one size-up from your “street” size, and I also know some designers are size tag sadists), I am pre-sold on a blush gown, I also know that I will be having a beach wedding. So I perused this site and this site to see what I could find. I was actually pleasantly surprised! The selections ran the scope of everything from couture dresses, to off the rack dresses, altered and non-altered, worn, un-worn, on trend and traditional. You can pare down your search by: designer, size, color, price point, silhouette and style. The one thing I did notice were the inordinate amount of pre-owned wedding dresses listed by the seller as “blush” when some were in fact champagne or just white, so I’m not sure how the color sort was deduced exactly. I also like that the seller lists the retail of the gown if purchased new versus what their asking price is, along with the calculated percentage you’d be saving by purchasing pre-owned. I searched for the gown that I’ve had my eye on, but to no avail on either site.


I wonder what it would be like to purchase a gown willy-nilly after not having tried on anything and still being unsure of my exact size. There is always the chance of after burn when buying products online, I know it’s happened to me once or twice, “This looks fantastic” then it arrives and it’s utter garbage….. The whole experience reminded me of the Friends episode where Monica tries on wedding dresses at a big named bridal salon with the intent or purchasing it the next day at a bargain basement sale, maybe I can pull a Monica…. is that wrong? I wonder if that is not new practice amongst brides who are in fact purchasing pre-owned dresses online.

For me, there seem to be too many variables in purchasing a wedding dress online.

Could you or did you buy your dress online? Are you thinking of selling your dress? I’d be curious to hear more on this phenomenon.


6 thoughts on “Should I buy a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

  1. Just me personally – I couldnt buy a pre-owned dress. When I went dress shopping I knew that I would find “the one” when I tried it on, saw myself in it & would well up with tears – hard to get that buying something pre-owned. But that’s what makes everyone different!


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