So I paid $9.99 for a Bridal Magazine

EEK! $9.99 is definitely not in any budget of mine, perhaps I can write it off as a business expense? Allow me back-track for a moment! A couple of days ago on Instagram (which I am still learning how to become relevant on) I saw a picture of it, in all it’s glory… “The Knot – Fall 2014” the mother load of all bridal mags, the Bridal version of the “September Issue”, it is HUGE, literally and figuratively! My lust to own this giant was immediate and my purchase was imminent, although I will admit that I had pre-buyers remorse over the price tag, but I went to my local drug-store and this beauty is now mine, all mine!



It’s gorgeous right?! I can safely say that my dollars were well spent, as this edition did not disappoint. Let me try and break it down for you as best as my non-compartmentalized bride-brain can! My first thought was to go through and, as I was reading, bookmark each item that stood out to me with Post-it flags.

The Knot - Fall Issue 2014

The Knot – Fall Issue 2014

This is only at the half-way point! So a couple of mistakes I made here:

1) I used the same color flags for everything

2) I liked everything

3) I spent multiple days pouring over it, instead of one straight session

I decided to go back and really pare down the things I wanted to talk about, and also create color coordinated flags so that I wouldn’t be jumping from page to page aimlessly while I was sharing my thoughts with all of you!

Here is what I ended up with:

The Knot – Fall Issue 2014

Much more manageable! So I ended up breaking it down into three categories: Dresses, Wedding Style and Articles/Features.



What a better way to start than dresses! If you are still looking for a dress, or, are having a hard time selecting a gown to go-along with your gorgeous figure (whatever that may be) there is a great short read,”Wedding Gown 101” on pg. 332 that very simply breaks down gowns by silhouette and briefly speaks of how they fit and what figures they compliment best. It echoes This Pin from Pinterest
There is also a “Wedding Party 101” on pg. 448 for your Groom & Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, and Ring Bearers.

Colored dresses are taking off! “40+, The number of Blush Dresses spotted on the Spring 2015 Bridal Runways” pg.180. The colored dress trend is evident again in the Alfredo Angelo gown featured on pg. 99, black bodice with heavy beading embellishment, empire waisted with black band, and the bottom is all tradition with a full tulle ball gown finish.

Another big trend in gowns, is the ‘Naked Lace’ trend, referenced on pg. 102 with gown pics from designers: Rivini, Inbal Dror, Carolina Herrera, Reem Acra, and Lela Rose. I have seen  ‘Naked Lace’ gowns all over various online outlets and it can be rather sexy while still maintaining a tasteful and gorgeous look, for me however, I have been dreaming of a blush gown!

Designers that caught my eye the most were Allure Bridals as well as their line Allure Couture, pgs. 336-339. I also really loved (and until now had never recently heard of) Val Stefani, pgs. 440-441. Stefani designs has a strong point of view with heavy beading and hair pieces that echo that ‘Gatsby’ feel that I love so much! For bridesmaids, I have also found, and now love, Impression Bridesmaids, pg. 464, very chic and sexy and can almost assuredly be worn again!


Wedding Style

The Knot did not disappoint with several different perspectives on Wedding Style. We start off big with an introduction on Jes Gordon, a wedding stylist who styled the “Rock & Roll Chic” wedding which is featured on pg. 220. The colors are lush and beyond amazing with a palette of black and blue. She also adds small pops of bright green and soft pastels. I love love LOVE the blue wallpaper with black damask and blue shutters laid against the wall paper, really cool and edgy!

There is a feature on color palettes, pg. 216, “5 no-fail color combos“, they are: Black & Eggplant, Copper & Persimmon, Acid Green & Turquoise, Pistachio & Coral, and finally Lilac & Dusty Blue. There is also “Get the Island Romance Look” on pg. 270 if you are looking for some inspiration on how to pull of an all white palette in a very romantic way.

If you are loving the ever-so-now Rustic theme, there is a wedding featured on pgs. 288-292 “Refined Rustic“. I know rustic anything is big right now, especially if it includes burlap, mason jars, and barnyards, but I have to admit I am not a fan. I will say that this wedding included NONE of those things! This wedding was very tastefully done (my favorite were the table-scapes) so if you are looking for some rustic inspiration, please (i’m begging) ditch the burlap and take a cue from this lovely couple!

Finally, we have “10 Crazy different Wedding Venues” pgs. 306-312 which include, The Iolani palace in Honolulu, Hawaii (the number 8 slot), The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (number 3, equipped with indoor carousel) and the most outrageous one, A Grand Canyon Helicopter package in Las Vegas, Nevada (number 4) where the helicopter lands the happy couple and two guests on the rim of Grand Canyon for sunset nuptials, sounds very romantic and also very scary!


If you are in the very beginning stages of planning, are a DIY bride or have not yet found a wedding planner, you will want to rip out pages 82, 84, and 86, literally. It is a “Wedding Time Line Checklist” that breaks it down for you from 12+ months out all the way to the day after your wedding, I will be keeping my post-it flags in place for that one!

Freaking out over some details or things that you hadn’t anticipated? Check out pg. 162’s “You’re not allowed to freak out if..” very handy, especially for the type A brides out there (you know who you are).

Page 184’s “10 Things Every Bride Should Have” is a great scope of both physical objects and inanimate objects to help keep things in perspective for you, bonus, it’s from the view point of designer Reem Acra. I am fond of her number 1 slot “Love all Around You”…awwwww…………

Registry time! How fun are registry’s ?! Pg. 202’s “7 Things On Everyone’s Registry” highlights just that. Number one slot goes to……drumroll…… Frying Pans?! Hmmm.. learn something new everyday! Number 7 is a coffee maker, I think that would edge out frying pans on my registry any day!

Lastly, and one of my favorites, pgs. 246-248 “The New Wedding Rules“, 1) You Don’t Have to Wear White (yay!) 9)You Don’t Have to Wear a Traditional Diamond, 10) You Don’t Have to Cover Your Tattoo (more on that from my personal view-point at a later date and time)

So there you have it Love Birds! What are your thoughts? Do you plan on picking up a copy or have you done so already?






***All opinions and views expressed are solely that of So This Is Love. So This Is Love was in no way compensated for views expressed and is in no way affiliated with “The Knot”***

10 thoughts on “So I paid $9.99 for a Bridal Magazine

  1. I get two other bridal magazines in the mail, so I’m going to skip buying this issue of The Knot. I’m glad you broke things down for those of us who aren’t going to read it. I feel like I got all the highlights without having to break out a 10 dollar bill.

    I really like that you said they highlighted black and eggplant. I love eggplant (it was one of our colors), so it’s nice seeing it get some love.


    • Believe me I had a hard time letting go of that $10! lol It was worth it though, I’m glad you liked it. The black & eggplant looked great together, I never think of black as a wedding color but it really made the eggplant look even more rich, beautiful color!


  2. I wish I had thought of color coded tags when I was getting married & going through bridal magazines….I must have easily spend $100 on bridal magazines from the time I got engaged 12/15/08 up to 2 weeks before I got married 8/8/09(wedding date). I couldnt get enough….it’s a sickness!! LOL


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