Fairy Tale Friday – 90’s ‘Alternative’ Rock Edition

I find myself often using the word excited, probably even, just maybe, a bit too much. “I am EXCITED to feature this dress”, “I am EXCITED to talk about this couple”. In truth, I unabashedly am!

I sometimes get stuck in this phase of listening to certain genres of music ad nauseum, and I then move on to the next genre, and circle back. For some reason, as of late, I have been listening to all of the alt rock that I came of age with in high school. I love how music can transform you back to a point in your life and make you feel like you are in a time warp, even if only for those few moments. Lately my music stream has been pumping out some serious No Doubt and Bush, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale!!!! Perfect inspiration for Fairy Tale Friday! Yes, I am EXCITED to write about them!

The King and Queen of alt rock royalty were wed on September 14th 2002, in London, following their New Years Day engagement earlier that year. Two weeks later the couple held a second wedding in Los Angeles. Gwen has reportedly said it was so that she could wear her custom designed dip-dyed wedding gown, by designer John Galliano, twice (accessorized of course by her signature red lipstick). Gwen was escorted down the aisle by her father, while her groom chose to very non-traditionally be escorted by his Hungarian Sheep-dog, Winston. Galliano who was in attendance when the couple exchanged vows said “Gwen cried, Gavin cried, so did the dog!”

The rocker couple are now proud parents to Kingston 7, Zuma 5, and baby Apollo who was born in February of this year.


As for how they met? Back in 1995 when No Doubt was touring as the opening act for Bush! Rossdale reportedly organized a party just to hang out with Stefani, they shared their first kiss later in the evening. The rest is L.A.M.B history.

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